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 44 20/21 COLLECTION
Dual Homologation (P/J).
Premium Intergrated Matrix/ P.I.M Plus: Reinforcement materials, including Carbon and Carbon-Glass Hybrid fabric, provide enhanced Shock-Resistant performance, more comfort, and lightness of helmet.
Sun Shield with Wider-Vision: Better peripheral vision, helps to reduce eye strain and excellent sun light blocking.
Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch.
Full Metal Micro Buckle System: High durability 100% stainless steel. HJC’s new fastening system with extra strength.
RapidFireTM Visor Replacement System: Simple and secure visor ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool-less visor replacement system.
Low-noise Interior: 3D-engineered, ergonomic interior designed to reduce noise significantly.
MultiCool Interior with advanced anti-bacteria fabric provides enhanced moisture-wicking and quick drying function.
Crown and cheek pads are removable and washable.
Cheek pads are Interchangeable throughout all sizes.
Pinlock pin ready visor and includes Pinlock.
Ready for SMART HJC Bluetooth (Bluetooth sold separately).
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